Watch for Biographies Coming Soon

It is good for a community to have a project.  With the introduction of the idea of Getting Our Turf On, comes the interest of knowing how we got here.  The Booster Club has presented material to our supporting public for this undertaking, and has also researched past projects for Dallas schools.

Over the next few months we will be posting Biographies of individuals and families who have chosen to not only live in Dallas, but have, in some cases, raised as many as five generations in our community.  Some of these same folks have maintained businesses and a strong relationship with their churches, as well as have been volunteers in various service groups.  AND, within these families we trace athletic contribution to past teams participating on our fields, track, and courts.   We choose to honor these members of our community.

We have chosen the Kunke family as our first “bio” as the latest improvement to Dallas High School has been the renovation of the basketball court and the final step is the ‘engraving’ on the hardwood of our honored past Coach and Superintendent, Gordon Kunke.  It is the Booster Club’s intent that in presenting the ‘bios’ and giving you a history of our chosen community members you will realize a new value in being a part of our important Turf Project.


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