The Bollman Family – Biography

Five generations of the Bollman family have called Dallas, Oregon home.  Starting with the first generation to settle in Dallas, a love of community and a desire to give back began.

In 1884, at the age of 11, Dr. Lenthal A. Bollman came to Oregon with his family and later began his medical practice in Dallas in 1906.  At that time rural health meant doctors had to use makeshift hospital facilities, and the quality of care was compromised because the community lacked the resources to build its own hospital.  In 1912, that would change when Drs. Bollman, McCallon, Starbuck and Staats joined together to form a corporation and raise the money to build the first Dallas hospital.  Among those who would benefit from the Dallas hospital was U.S. Senator Mark O. Hatfield, who was delivered by Dr. Bollman in 1922. In addition to providing healthcare to the community he was a lieutenant in the National Guard.  From him, a legacy of caring for the community would continue in generations to come.

Dr. Bollman’s son J. Paul Bollman (DHS Class of 1929) served as a funeral director for over 50 years, operating Bollman Funeral Home on Main Street in Dallas, along with his wife, Wilda. He wanted to serve the community in the same way his father did, and diligently set a high standard of professional, caring service.  He was involved in many professional associations and boards, along with many civic organizations; among them he was a charter member of the Dallas Lions Club, the Salvation Army, the Boy Scouts, the Dallas Hospital, and the Dallas School Board, serving as Chair of the Board when Dallas High School was built in 1953. From him a commitment to providing excellence in education and opportunities for youth began.

His son John P. Bollman (DHS Class of 1956) would follow suit, after graduating from Oregon State University and following service in the U.S. Army, John entered funeral service with his father.  Like his father, he realized the value of a good education and opportunities for young people were critical in shaping young lives. To that end, he spent years working with the Boy Scouts, the Boys and Girls Club, the Willamette ESD and the Dallas School Board, including Chair of the Board.  Along with his wife, Beth, who belonged to many community organizations, helped in the Dallas Schools and led both Cub Scout and Campfire Girl troops, providing opportunities for children was extremely important to them. In the broader sense of the community John belonged to the Kiwanis Club and continued his father and grandfather’s legacy by serving on the board of Valley Community Hospital, preserving and expanding healthcare in the community. John’s life was cut short in 1997 at the age of 59, but until the very end he was teaching his children lessons about the importance of the community and giving back. He left them with a charge: “Give back to the community more than you take from it.” And so they would try.

Michael J. Bollman (DHS Class of 1984) began working with his father and mother, Beth, in funeral service in 1985 and quickly became active in the community.  For over 30 years he has served on the Dallas Volunteer Fire Department reaching the rank of Battalion Chief.  He still cooks dinner for the entire department every month.  Along with many professional associations and boards, he has been involved with Rotary, the Dallas Library and numerous other community organizations.  However, aside from his professional passion, his greatest sense of community fulfillment comes from serving on the Dallas School Board.  He has served for 10 years, and currently is Board Chair.  “We have a long history of an amazing school district and staff here in Dallas. Helping to make all of our schools the very best they can be for our students is a great honor.”

Along with his wife Karen (DHS Class of 1989), who is actively involved in volunteering in the Dallas School District, they have three sons: Grant ( 2012), who is continuing the funeral service profession, working with his Dad and becoming involved in the community as a youth basketball coach and volunteer for Christmas Cheer, Mitchell (2015), who is following his great-great grandfather into medicine, working on a nursing degree through OHSU at WOU, he has volunteered at the Polk County Free Medical Clinic, and Braden (2023*), who is active in leadership at LaCreole Middle School.

Amy Bollman Lowery (DHS Class of 1987) came back to Dallas in 1996 and joined her family in funeral service when her father was diagnosed with cancer. As her guide and mentor he taught the former U.S. Senate aide and policy analyst the lessons of running the business, and encouraged her to get involved in the community by taking her to Kiwanis and exposing her to the many organizations he was involved with.  Over the years she has served on boards of the Boys and Girls Club, the Dallas Community Foundation, Valley Community Hospital, West Valley Hospital and Salem Health. Together, with her husband Mike (DHS Class of 1979), who has served on the West Valley Hospital Foundation Board and other youth outreach programs, they have a son, Reed (2017), who is an Engineering major at OSU in Computer Science. While in Dallas, Reed volunteered at the Dallas Food Bank, James 2 Community Kitchen, and still helps with Christmas Cheer.

As the Bollman family continues to live and work in this community, raising their families here and looking for opportunities to “give back more than we take from it,” the values that earlier generations taught the children and grandchildren are reflected in the business practices and work ethic today.  Acting as a community partner, Michael and Amy are determined to impact the lives of the people in our community through thoughtful, impactful giving in the areas of education, health and fighting hunger.  The Booster Club turf project is another area where not only the high school but the greater community will benefit.  With 10* DHS alums featured here, the pride in our schools, academics and athletics, and our community will continue to shine for generations to come.  We are proud to support the DHS Field of Dreams.

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